Privacy Policy

1 - POP SURREALISM AND URBAN ART FORUM informs the users that data provided by users are processed digitally in a machine-readable form and for purposes resulting from the contractual relationship. Data are only transmitted to third persons within the limits of the contractual purpose. POP SURREALISM AND URBAN ART FORUM would explicitly like to emphasize that we strictly comply with German data protection legislation, in particular regarding the transmission of data to third persons.

2 - POP SURREALISM AND URBAN ART FORUM enables all its users to transfer their personal contact data to other users partially or completely or to deny access respectively. Transfer of these contact data is at your own risk.

3 - By agreeing to these Terms of Use the user simultaneously declares:


3.1 - to collect my personal data and to process and use these data for the purpose of establishing, implementing and processing my contractual relationship with the POP SURREALISM AND URBAN ART FORUM. Personal data are inventory data such as name and address and usage data such as username, password and IP address.

3.2 - to make data which have been provided by a user available to other users. While registering each user can realize which data will be made available. Provision of these data can be stopped by the user anytime.

3.3 - to collect, process and use my usage data amongst others via cookies, to assign me a user id for example. Cookies enable POP SURREALISM AND URBAN ART FORUM e.g. to greet you personally with your username.

3.4 - to process and use my personal data for its own marketing activities such as sending e-mails containing general or promotional information (newsletter). I notice that I may cancel these information anytime. I agree that POP SURREALISM AND URBAN ART FORUM processes and uses my personal data to present contacts to me which match my personal interests. I may disagree with the data use to generate contacts of personal interest.

3.5 - to collect, process and use inventory and usage data which are necessary to disclose and eliminate deceptive information and illegal use or use contrary to the agreement of POP SURREALISM AND URBAN ART FORUM Services. This only applies as far as necessary in individual cases. For this purpose POP SURREALISM AND URBAN ART FORUM may also collect usage data, e.g. via cookies, and process and use them in a manner that enables to identify the specific data from the total stock of all current information which provide actual evidence for having been posted with an abusive intention.

3.6 - to process and use my personal data beyond the end of the contractual relationship, and to transmit these data to criminal law authorities as well as to third parties which have been infringed upon their rights, for protection of substantial interests in clarifying abuse of the Website and Services and for prosecution of rights, if there is actual evidence, which has to be documented, of such abuse of the Website and Services, particularly by posting illegal content.

3.7 - and accept that using the Website and Services by using an alias or anonymously is not reasonable and that the purpose of the Website and the Services might not be reached thereby.